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XORA ENTERPRISE SDN BHD is recognized as the leading adhesive tapes manufacturer and distributor of industrial packaging tapes in Malaysia. Founded in 2008, has built a reputation as the leading player in the industry, solely because of our persistence in product quality. Throughout years, Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd has proved the ability to deliver a broad range of superior quality products and services to our customer. “Bondmat, Bonding Material Solutions”

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Oxo-biodegradable industrial stretch film and purpose

Oxo-biodegradable industrial stretch film and purpose

        Stretch film, also called as stretch wrap, is a stretchable plastic film that used to wrap around the products and items. It acts as a protection cover by wrapping the goods while shipping and delivery. So, do you know what is the oxo-biodegradable industrial stretch film and the other standard stretch film? The primarily difference is that oxo-biodegradable industrial stretch film is environment friendly as it can be digested and biodegrade after being used in a certain period which is usually within 12-24 months through oxidative degradation (reaction with oxygen, UV light, and mechanical pressure) or biodegradation (reaction with oxygen, moisture, and microorganisms). It can be biodegradable quickly in double speed compared to the standard stretch film when it is exposure to the UV light, which is catalysed the chemical materials that in the oxo-biodegradable industrial stretch film. We cater to both corporate and individual retail customers all over the world. We provide the shipment, delivery, transportation and store pickup service of transporting and ensure the safety of products. For further information please contact our team manager. Thank you.

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