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XORA ENTERPRISE SDN BHD is recognized as the leading adhesive tapes manufacturer and distributor of industrial packaging tapes in Malaysia. Founded in 2008, has built a reputation as the leading player in the industry, solely because of our persistence in product quality. Throughout years, Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd has proved the ability to deliver a broad range of superior quality products and services to our customer. “Bondmat, Bonding Material Solutions”

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3M Adhesion Promoter K520 Malaysia Supplier ,3M Adhesion Promoter K520 Sabah Supplier ,3M Adhesion Promoter K520 Sarawak Supplier , 3M Adhesion Promoter K520 Pahang Supplier ,3M Adhesion Promoter K520 Kelantan Supplier

3M Adhesion Promoter K520

3M Adhesion Promoter K520 Malaysia Supplier

3M Adhesion Promoter K520

  • A type of primer which exhibits high adhesion for Tape Bonding after coating and drying ,
  • Can be used in conjunction with 3M double coated adhesive tapes, especially: acrylic foam tape for adhering to EPDM, PP material, etc .


  • The applied surface must first be cleaned with a suitable solvent to remove any contamination, releasing agent, etc. from the surface ,
  • Apply uniformly with a clean brush, felt, etc. The amount of primer coating varies depending on the material and surface condition of the coating surface ,
  • Drying time varies depending on the surrounding temperature and humidity, as well as the amount of the coating, etc. ,
  • Using hand pressure or a roller, apply sufficient pressure on the taped part to the primer coated surface .
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